Choral Arrangement: "V'la L'Bon Vent"

I wrote this choral arrangement reflecting on my time working in the refugee camp in Germany while I was artist in residence at The Watermill Center, January 2017.

The tune, "V'la L'Bon Vent," is a french folk song documentarian Brune Charvin taught to our music class. Like most children's songs, the lyrics are dark. They tell the story of someone watching the king's son shoot his/her ducks in the pond. The chorus translates:

here is the good wind
here is is the pretty wind
here is the good wind
my darling calls me;
here is the good wind
here is the pretty wind
my darling waits for me.

This song has become an integral theme in the musical. 

Soloists: Brune Charvin and Angelina Shaughnessy
Left to right: Kate Eberstadt, Jon Perkins, Emily Suzuki, Brune Charvin, Angelina Shaughnessy, Marisa Onanian, Donju Min, and Christopher Ramirez