about me

Kate Eberstadt by  Martha Scott Burton

Kate Eberstadt by Martha Scott Burton

My name is Kate. I'm an artist based in New York City. I am a composer/singer-songwriter, performer, & writer.

  • I am writing a music theater piece [working title: “Notes from the Basement,”] being workshopped in NYC this year.

  • My sister Izzi and I make music under the name Delune. Follow us!

  • I am composing music for “East World” [working title], a new creation at the Nemetski Theater Almaty, Kazakhstan, dir. Tilman Hecker.

  • I founded The Hutto Project, a community music and performing art project for children living in a refugee camp in Berlin.

  • I’ve held artistic residencies at The American Academy in Berlin and The Watermill Center, and The Center at West Park.

  • I’ve worked as a teaching artist on Rikers Island, throughout youth centers, art organizations, and schools in the US and Europe.